Five Mistakes That Stop Goals in Their Tracks

How Not to Make Them!


by Jacqueline M. Kane

Abundance, prosperity, money—whatever it’s called, you probably want more of it and may have spent hours meditating, making positive affirmations, journaling, researching the next strategy or listening to webinar after webinar, like most people struggling and working harder. These and other methods may work to varying degrees. But there are five mistakes that can keep money away from us; if we learn what they are, we can fix them.


Building Better Bones

Bouncing, Leaping and Lunging Our Way to Bone Health


by Kathleen Barnes

Success in the quest for stronger bones is possible at any age.
Start and Stay Young

“Peak bone strength is reached by the age of 30, so it’s vital for young people to engage in dynamic impact movement through their teen years and 20s,” says Sherri Betz, chair of the American Physical Therapy Association bone health group, a doctor of physical therapy and geriatric-certified specialist with a private practice in Santa Cruz, California.


IMT Effects in Autism Recovery

Spectrum Demands Various Approaches


by Ayelet Connell

Recovery from autism is becoming more and more of a reality—but with every child’s story of recovery, there is a long road leading to that point. Having worked with many families of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), one of the most common themes amongst these children’s stories is the multi-disciplinary approach that they follow. Many of these programs include Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy in school and at home, sensory integration, IV nutrition and chelation, elimination diets (such as a gluten- and casein-free diet), homeopathy, hyperbaric oxygen and more.


Helper Dog Varieties

Service, Therapy and Emotional Support Differ


By Mary Oquendo

When we watch two giggling teenagers pull into a handicapped parking spot and run into the store, it’s pretty easy to figure out they are misusing a courtesy designed to help disabled people. It can be far more difficult to make a snap judgment on service dogs, since service vests can be purchased online and the law forbids asking for proof.


Learn to Live Well Allergen-Free


On September 30 from 10am – 3pm, the Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness event in East Hartford will offer attendees a chance to learn about food options that are fun and delicious. Admission to events includes free product sampling and sales, lectures and demonstrations from well-known members of the gluten-free community about gluten and allergen-free living, a gift bag, and family-friendly vendors.


New Online Training Program for Health Coaches and Parents

images/stories/epidemic answers.png

Are you a health coach interested in healing ADHD, autism, asthma, allergies, sensory disorders and more? Or a parent who is determined for your child to shed his/her diagnosis? Epidemic Answers, led by Executive Director Beth Lambert, is now offering a new online training program.


An Organic Celebration Featuring the Mike Casey Trio

images/stories/mike casey trio.png

NOFA Organic Land Care Program and CT NOFA are hosting Jazz Dinner at Waldingfield Farm on September 16 from 4 to 8:30pm. Visit an organic farm hidden in the Litchfield Hills for a fine, locally sourced, seasonal dinner. Acclaimed jazz artists The Mike Casey Trio will play as guest performers.


Vaccine Injury Awareness Events

images/stories/health choice ct logo.jpg

On September 15, Health Choice CT (formerly Health Freedom Action CT) will present a Vaccine Injury and Awareness Day in Hartford. The day will begin with a Health and Safety Forum at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford from 10am to noon, sponsored by Representative Vincent Candelora. Mark Blaxill will moderate a discussion with a panel of physicians, scientists, researchers and health advocates, including Sin Hang Lee, MD; Kelly Brogan, MD; and Del Bigtree. The panelists will discuss scientific findings and suppressed critical safety issues regarding vaccines and other pharmaceuticals followed by a question and answer session.


Wellness Retreat Brings Calm to a Crazy World


Many think the world has become a very violent place. In reality, there is less violence today than at any point in recorded history, although we believe differently because of ceaseless news of war, crime and terrorism. Because we are bombarded everywhere we turn with negative breaking news, it is increasingly common to feel overwhelmed, anxious and even fearful.


Letter from the Publisher


Earlier today I had to answer the question, “What is your dream job?” My answer was, “I have it!”

I’ve been publisher of Natural Awakenings in Fairfield/Southwestern Litchfield Counties for more than four years. I love what I do. Sure, there are days when I’m frustrated, overtired or all talked out. Even those days are OK with me because I know what I do matters. My “work” is helping people change their lives, in whatever ways are meaningful to them. My job is to connect those in the community who need/want help with practitioners, businesses and products who can help them. To me there is nothing better than knowing I get to help change the world, one person and one decision at a time. I am a change agent, empowering individuals for the betterment of all.


Fermented Foods Revival

Rediscover Probiotic-Rich Foods


by Judith Fertig

Colorful jars of fermented Korean kimchee, Indian chutney, German sauerkraut and bottles of kombucha line many grocery store shelves today. We’re in the midst of a fermented food revival.


Autism: A Whole-Body Disorder Affecting the Brain

Collective Treatment Efforts Yield Better Results


By Gabriella True

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 68 children has autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. Autism affects individuals in five areas: communication, social skills, learning, behaviors and medical. Dr. Bernard Rimland challenged the notion that autism has a psychological origin rather than a physical one in his 1964 book, Infantile Autism: The Syndrome and Its Implication for a Neural Theory of Behavior. Newer scientific studies also challenge the idea autism is genetically hardwired and not treatable. For example, we now know that treating medical issues can positively impact the other four areas. Some treatments may create rapid improvements while others happen slowly. The collective effect of several treatments can be considerable.


Inspired Play at Inclusive Playgrounds

Sunshine, Fresh Air and Play Benefit All

images/stories/adams adventure playground tolland ct.jpg

by Sheri Hatfield

Play is the birthright of all children. It is through play that all children—regardless of their physical, emotional or mental abilities—decode the world and learn. Play has been shown to improve social and language skills and physical and mental health while decreasing stress.


Collaborative Natural Health Partners Expands


Collaborative Natural Health Partners, LLC, has changed names, renovated their clinic and added new doctors and services. Previously known as Connecticut Natural Health Partners, LLC, the practice has recently expanded to include conventional primary care physicians in addition to naturopathic physicians. The team has now grown to include nine full time physicians who offer everything from conventional primary care to acupuncture. They have just completed renovations of their space in Manchester, which has more than doubled available room for patient care.


Baby Boomer Wellness Expo in Torrington


Act Natural Health & Wellness, in partnership with The Sullivan Senior Center, will hold its firstBaby Boomer Health & Wellness Expo on September 18 from 10am to 2pm. Boomers are thelargest demographic right now and they want to stay healthy and active. At this event theywill learn about health and wellness opportunities, practitioners and classes within the localcommunity. Admission is free.


Fall 2017 Passport to Health and Wellness Expo

images/stories/holistic chamber of commerce logo.png

On October 1, the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC) will present the The Passport to Health and Wellness Expo from 10am to 4pm at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Bristol. This will be the inaugural expo; the event is expected to occur twice a year. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with more than 75 sponsors and exhibitors as they learn more about the available resources to help promote healthy living and a healthy lifestyle. Visitors will have the chance to gain inspiration by visiting the booths and participating in the scheduled events which include a keynote speaker and speakers on multiple topics during the day.


Holistic and Psychic Fair in Watertown

har 2017-09 nb holistic and psychic fair.png

On September 24 from 10am to 5pm, The Metaphysical Center will host a free psychic and holistic fair at the VFW in Watertown. Nine readers of various specialties will be present, including mediums, medical intuitives using body scanning, tarot card readers, channelers, an Akashic records reader, reiki healers, paranormal investigators and others. Practitioners will offer 20-minute sessions for $20 each.


It’s Time to Flip and Invert It!


Come get upside down with Cailyn McDonnell and discover the positive effects of an inversion practice at the Flip It + Invert It fall inversion workshop on September 30 at 11am. In this 90-minute workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of forearm balances and handstands. Class will include a short vinyasa (yoga flow) warm-up to open the shoulders, hamstrings and fire up the core.


Shakti Cacao Ceremony at Sacred Rivers Yoga


On September 26 from 3-6pm, visit East Hartford’s Sacred Rivers Yoga for an afternoon of sacred ceremony to heal relationship with the divine feminine and creative force, or Shakti. The gathering will open according to shamanic tradition by drinking sacred cacao. Cacao, or ceremonial grade chocolate, has been used for thousands of years by the Mesoamerican people as an important plant teacher for spiritual development and growth.


Rodney Yee on Yoga as a Way of Life

Simple Strategies for Staying on Track

by Marlaina Donato

Renowned yogi and international teacher Rodney Yee, of New York City, has maintained an inspired yoga practice for 37 years while juggling career obligations, fame and family life.


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