Air Pollution Linked to Psychological Distress

Air pollution takes a toll on mental health, University of Washington researchers have concluded.


Nature Videos Calm Prisoners

Maximum-security prison inmates in Oregon that spent an hour a day for a year watching nature videos were involved in 26 percent fewer violent acts compared with fellow inmates, and reported feeling significantly calmer, less irritable and more empathetic.


Top Polluters

Just 100 Companies Emit Most Global Emissions

In July 2017, historic new research from environmental nonprofit CDP, in collaboration with the Climate Accountability Institute, revealed in The Carbon Majors Report that 71 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions since 1988 can be traced to just 100 fossil fuel producers. It’s the first in a series of planned publications to improve transparency and highlight the role companies and their investors could play in tackling climate change.


Clear Gain

Window-Like Solar Cells Could Power 40 Percent of U.S. Needs

Solar energy is now the cheapest form of new energy in dozens of countries, with record-setting solar farms being built worldwide. Researchers have been investigating ways to make transparent solar panels that resemble glass that could be used as window panels at the same time as converting the light that shines on them into electricity.



Collaborative Natural Health Partners

Setting the Standard for Integrative Medical Care

by Nicole Miale

When she was young, Dr. Lauren Young, founder and Clinical Director at Collaborative Natural Health Partners, watched her mother struggle to manage multiple sclerosis (MS). What she witnessed inspired her to become a physician and support other people as they navigated their healthcare options.


Touching the Earth

The Healing Powers of Going Barefoot

by Martin Zucker

Melanie Monteith, of San Diego, California, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 24 and plagued by symptoms for 14 years. Simple daily tasks became challenging. She relied on walking aids and walls to keep from falling. Eventually, she quit her job. Every day tested her survival skills. Then, in late 2017, Monteith tried grounding and it changed her life.


Below The Water Line

How Human Noise Affects Ocean Life

by Leesa Sklover

“If we kill the sea, we kill ourselves.”
~ David Gallo, an oceanographer at the forefront of ocean exploration

As humans, we are still able to find ways to escape harmful noise pollution, such as a sonic boom or fire drill. We can find refuge in a quiet room, joyous music or parts of nature. Unlike our eyes, our ears cannot completely shut out sound but we can often move away from it.


Biologic Architecture Provides Energy

Richard Hetherman, III on Creating a Biodome


Biologic architecture uses the properties of the frequency of shape—as seen in cymatics—and properties of materials (paramagnetics and dielectrics) to design a life-enhancing building. The intention and effect of this can be experienced in sacred spaces like cathedrals. Nature shows that the energy produced by an egg shape made of eggshell helps the growth of living things. We can produce this same energy in our homes. These are the physics of feng shui, and it affects more than our living rooms.


March 2018 Publisher's Letter

The words “healthy food” may elicit groans or a grumble from some because there has been a pervasive storyline that if something is healthy, it must not taste very good. That is so far from the truth! The more I learn about food and nutrition—real nutrition, not the kind pushed by lobbyists via the ADA food pyramid—the more excited I get about the topic. I’ve been happily surprised to learn how much I love some items now acknowledged to be among the healthiest of foods.


OrganiConn 2018: Organic Farming, Gardening, Food and Advocacy

Connecticut Northeast Farming Association’s (CT NOFA) 36th Annual Winter Conference, OrganiConn, presented in cooperation with Western Connecticut State University and its Jane Goodall Center for Excellence in Environmental Studies, will take place on March 10 from 8am to 5pm.


High-Fat Diet Risks Multiple Sclerosis Relapse

A high-fat diet increases the risk of relapse of multiple sclerosis in children by as much as 56 percent, reports The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry.


Fruit Pesticides Lower Fertility in Women

A Harvard study of 325 women undergoing fertility treatments found that those consuming the most produce high in pesticide residues, such as strawberries, spinach and grapes, were 18 percent less likely to become pregnant and 26 percent less likely to have a live birth compared to women eating the least amount of pesticide-laden produce.


‘Sink’ Setback

Tropical Forests Releasing Excess Carbon

A study published in the journal Science found that forests across Asia, Latin America and Africa release 468 tons of carbon per year, equivalent to nearly 10 percent of the annual U.S. carbon footprint. Thus, tropical forests may no longer be acting as carbon sinks and could be releasing more carbon than they store.


We Need Trees

Arbor Day More Vital Now than Ever

The 147th annual Arbor Day on April 27 encourages tree planting worldwide to replenish lost tree cover including trees wiped out in the recent fires in California and hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. The Arbor Day Foundation (ADF) is committed to providing 5 million trees in these areas alone. More than 3,400 U.S. communities will participate as an ADF Tree City. Visit for a current list and criteria for new communities to apply.


Mother Earth’s Energy Centers

Locating and Tapping into Earth Chakras

by Robin Clare

Our seven major human energy chakras begin at the base of the spine and end at the crown of our head. They are connected by a current of life force energy (known as kundalini or prana) that flows between and through each one. Given that planet Earth is a living, breathing organism like us, it should make sense that she would have her own set of energy chakras. And yet, few people seem to know about these interesting locations and the purpose of the earth chakras.


Healthy Climate, Healthy People

Why a Warming Planet is Harming Our Health

by Lisa Marshall

Samantha Ahdoot’s son Isaac was 9 years old when he collapsed from the heat while playing clarinet at band camp. It had been a record-hot summer following a mild winter and early spring, and Dr. Ahdoot, an Alexandria, Virginia, pediatrician, had already noticed a string of unusual cases: A toddler had contracted Lyme disease in the once tick-free region of Northern Maine.


Nature’s Matrix

Strengthening Connections to All Living Things

by Brooke Adams Law

Many humans begin to feel more alive as the longer days and warmer air of spring invigorate us. This “waking up” we often experience during this time of year is a metaphor for the journey of “waking up” in a larger sense. At some level, we remember that humanity is, in fact, just one part of the rhythm of nature, connected to the earth and to all living things. Humans, animals, plants and minerals are all intricately interconnected even though modern life has separated many of us from that reality.


Return to Grazing

Horse Wisdom for Modern Life

by Carrie Brady

Take a moment to jot down at least five things that bring you joy.

Once you have done so, ask yourself if you had trouble with this request or made it more complicated. Did you wish you knew what the goal was so you would know the “right” answer? Did you second guess or cross out your answers? Did you put something on the list because you thought you “should”? Do you wonder what someone else might think of your list?


Soil, Plant and Health Effects of Glyphosate

On March 24 from 1 to 5pm, The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition (TIOSN) is grateful for the unique opportunity to bring two world-class research scientists to the community to present information about the effects of Roundup and its active ingredient, glyphosate. Dr. Don M. Huber is a professor emeritus of plant pathology for Purdue University and Dr. Stephanie Seneff is a research scientist for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They will present information about the effects of glyphosate on soil, plant and human health.


Travel the Earth Chakras

Every living being has energy centers known as chakras. Mother Earth is no exception; our planet has chakras that span the globe. A new venture, Earth Chakra Tours, has now launched and is designing opportunities for spiritual beings like you to travel to these earth chakra sites. Imagine a vacation filled with worldly adventures, divinely inspired ceremonies and a delightful collection of like-minded co-creators—your soul family.


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