Natural Awakenings Magazine - Hartford Distribution

Natural Awakenings is a family of locally owned magazines reaching over 2 million readers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.  No other local publication has the name recognition on a National Level that our franchise has.
According to the CVC (Circulation Verification Council):

* 2 out of 3 Natural Awakenings readers purchase products or services from Advertisements seen in Natural Awakenings Healthy Living Magazine.
* Natural Awakenings Healthy Living Magazine rated higher over TV, Radio, Internet and other printed publications as the #1 source for health related information.

We distribute monthly to key locations such as natural food stores, health facilities, restaurants, salons, libraries, retails stores, doctor's offices, and other high traffic locations.

Natural Awakenings utilizes a loyal distribution team of readers to get our magazines to area businesses and our community. This approach ensures quality distribution and a great rapport with our community leaders.

Natural Awakenings distributors and staff are often told by local area businesses that our magazines move more copies than any of our competitors when placed side by side. We are proud to carry a brand name that has been read since 1996. With a name that is increasingly recognized on a national level we are proud to provide this community with the information that only Natural Awakenings can provide on a monthly basis.

Natural Awakenings is constantly seeking new locations to expand our area.  Please recommend any location where you would like to see us.  Email at to make suggestions or find a distribution location near you.

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