Strength and Metabolic Training to Reverse Aging

Conventional attitudes on aging usually focus on a perceived, inevitable decline of individuals middle-aged and older. YES Fitness believes that for those aged 40 plus, the best years are still ahead.

Aside from the obvious visible health benefits of strength, weight management and stress relief, we now have scientific evidence that exercise influences our health at the DNA level. A 2015 report from Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that individuals who participated in walking, running, biking or strength training three or more times per week showed a strong association with longer telomeres, the protective caps found at the tips of DNA strands. (Telomerase disfunction is linked with a number of disease states and the length of telomeres is a determination of cell life.)

“Now is the right time to get fit. Choose longevity and start now by reversing the physical and emotional effects of aging and reduce the onset of chronic illness and disease,” says Chris Borda, owner. YES Fitness has had clients achieve great results in the Essential Program, which includes two important exercise methods: Total Strength and Metabolic Zone Training.

Total Strength group sessions are a full-body workout. These types of workouts are to burn calories and build lean muscle to boost the metabolism for the long term. Participants use weights that are challenging for set repetitions. Everyone goes at their own pace, but each week everyone tries to push to lift a little more than the week before.

Metabolic Zone Training is designed to provide the group exercise client with an individualized cardiovascular program. The works to rest periods are specific based on the client’s heart rate and recovery. With the use of Polar heart rate monitors, members can experience an interval training effect that will provide the ultimate fat loss experience.

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