New Online Parenting Community

Based in Hartford, is the new open community for parents and caregivers with a mission to provide resources and content that educate, entertain and help make life more efficient.

Founders Matthew A. Connell, EdD, MBA, and John Christensen, PhD, saw the need for busy parents to have a rich, flexible forum for conversation of all sorts to take place.

“We created Yellowbrick to provide parents and caregivers a place to go, a place to talk about life; from the trivial to the serious. A place that is friendly, useful and can help make the journey easier,” states Connell.

“Some parenting questions are private or embarrassing to ask on public social networking and parents and caregivers aren’t getting the support and advice needed. On Yellowbrick, members have the option of creating an anonymous account so they can get support confidentially," says Christensen, who adds that the site includes coaches, troop leaders, nurses, teachers and school administrators.

The site includes many types of content including discussion groups, parenting articles, videos and opinion polls.

Businesses can participate with a listing on Yellowbrick and non-profits can list for free. Experts are invited to provide more robust content as well as engage the community through the blog, forum or research pages.

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