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I always seem to appreciate nature most as the seasons change. That’s when the changing appearance of plants, along with the behavior of animals and humans, brings home to me just what an amazing, complex and interdependent ecological system we live in.

Then in the next moment, I’ll see a disturbing example of trash or wastefulness created by humans and I’ll think to myself what egos we humans have when we believe that we can and should affect the planet and the ecosystem. It’s so huge and we’re so small in comparison. I worry that our ability to impact the earth is much greater than our “footprint” and that it’s unfortunate that our larger brains, opposable thumbs or whatever also came in many cases with the ego that says, “I don’t need permission for what I do to the planet. I don’t need to consider the impact of my actions on all life around me.”

But there is hope. There are a growing number of us that do care about the environment and our actions. Our feature article, “Awakening the Global Heart,” shares uplifting examples of how people are working to improve the world. They need our help to keep the movement growing.

It’s my hope that you will pick one cause in the coming year and help by cleaning up a special place near you, or teaching others the importance of making conscious purchase decisions, managing waste or reducing energy consumption. You only need to influence one or two people to make a difference. Let’s start with our children and the friends closest to us and let the efforts grow from there.

I encourage you to start with a couple of our local organization that are solid stewards of nature: the CT Audubon Society in Glastonbury ( or the Farmington River Watershed Authority ( And there are many more in our area in need of passionate volunteers.

Consciously Yours,




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