Learn the Basics of Tai Chi

Master Tai Chi instructor, Dr. Ming Wu, owner of the Wu Healing Center, will lead a workshop on Saturday, September 12, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the West Hartford Town Hall and Conference Center for those interested in exploring and understanding the practice of Tai Chi. Wu is a doctor of Chinese Medicine, a sixth-generation Chinese Herbalist and a Master Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioner who has been teaching mind-body therapies for more than two decades.

During the six-hour workshop, Dr. Wu will break down basic Tai Chi movements into easy-to-understand components and will provide explanation on the health benefits of each. At the end of the day, participants will have learned a short series of movements they can perform themselves. An instructional video to guide individuals through the movements will also be available for purchase. Those interested in continuing to explore Tai Chi are invited to attend weekly classes offered at the Wu Healing Center in West Hartford.

Among its many advantages, Tai Chi stretches the body, reduces pain in the back, neck and shoulders and fosters emotional relaxation. Its spiraling and bending movements, as well as its breathing and meditation components, massage the internal organs and release them from damaging constrictions brought about by stress, poor posture and difficult working conditions. It also aids the exchange of gases in the lungs and helps the digestive system to function more effectively. As participants learn to relax physically, they also learn to relax their thoughts and emotions, releasing the stresses brought on by family, relationships and work. Tai Chi serves as a moving meditation by focusing awareness at the center of the body, practitioners become centered and grounded throughout the day.

According to experts, it usually takes 30 to 36 classes to learn the basic movements of Tai Chi but individuals often feel the benefits with just the first movements of the form. Regular practice of Tai Chi brings benefits in body, mind and spirit. As physical exercise, Tai Chi strengthens the legs and improves balance, posture and flexibility in the joints. Slow shifting of weight from one foot to another helps the circulation of blood through the body. The quality of relaxation in Tai Chi and the sequence of postures help to regulate the flow of the body’s internal energy, or chi, through the whole body, nourishing the health of the internal organs.

West Harford Town Hall and Conference Center, 50 South Main St, West Hartford. Cost: $60. Register at or call 860.606.0578.



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