Improve Focus and Memory by Doodling

Once seen as an activity suggesting boredom has now been shown to be anything but! Research is emerging to acknowledge the broad scope of benefits from adults coloring and doodling.

What coloring and doodling does for the brain is akin to mindfulness. It calmly focuses the brain in the present, opening pathways to more creativity and insights by shutting down habitual thinking. This reserves some of the brain’s processing power normally used by mindless thinking, and contrary to what one might think, actually invites more focus, which has a positive impact on memory. What was once punished in the classroom is now being supported by wise CEOs in the boardroom!

“Recently, coloring was introduced to a group that I facilitate with wonderful results,” states Alexandra Lowry, life coach. “Done as a group activity, it offers a relaxing and non-threatening way of coming together to share life’s profound questions. A group member introduced coloring to her family after the sudden death of a beloved family member with powerful healing benefits as a way to gather in comfort and conversation.”

So, join your kids in coloring and doodling as a beneficial practice that will increase creativity, insights and stress relief into your life.

Alexandra Lowry is a Certified Integrative Life Coach and owner of The Wisdom Alliance. For more information or to schedule a public speaking engagement, call 860-559-1264 or visit



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