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Food is the basis of health. Without nutritious food, the body lacks the fundamental chemical building blocks to grow, heal and maintain emotional and physical health. Food also needs to be free of harmful toxins so that we are not ingesting chemicals that can damage or suppress the body or mind, or even encourage disease.

Many say that our food supplies are getting further and further away from us and are lacking in the basic nutrients we need due to “dead” soil—soil that no longer has the basic building blocks of life for plants to use and deliver to us because the natural biome in the soil has been sterilized by commercial pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

We know that big businesses often cut corners for the sake of expense, but at the cost of quality by using fillers, dyes and other processed additives that are far from natural food items. We also know that, for the sake of production and yield needed to feed the planet, toxic insecticide, herbicide and fertilizer are used to grow both human and animal food.

I’m a huge proponent of the concept that every citizen should be growing at least some of the food they eat, even if it’s just a small kitchen herb pot used to season dishes. That’s a start! I have experienced that when growing my own food, it is a very educational, humbling and fulfilling activity. To be able to pluck a leaf, a fruit or legume and pop it in your mouth or in the skillet fresh off the plant is amazingly fun and liberating.

The act of nurturing even one small pot and watching it produce is eye opening and educational. Much of the knowledge of growing food has been lost over these last couple of generations. I was raised eating out of a fresh garden and had to help plant and pick the produce with my grandmother and parents. It was a wonderful experience (in hindsight). I wish all children could experience this today.

If you’re not sure where to start, just go to any local farmer like Daren Hall of Hall’s Farm (see page 25) and ask. There are also programs right here in Central Connecticut that teach how to sustainably manage your food from the soil to the table. Learn more at The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition on page 26.

Growing Naturally,




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