The Truth About Hypnosis

Everyone has an opinion about what hypnosis is or isn’t. Unfortunately, many opinions are based on how it’s depicted on TV and have very little, if any, truth to them. It’s unfortunate, because it prevents people from using this incredibly safe and powerful tool for personal transformation, or “trance-formation” as hypnotists say.

So, what is hypnosis? Put simply, it’s whole brain thinking. Supposedly, we only use 10% of our minds, so imagine using the other 90%. When you’re guided into the state of hypnosis, your brain releases chemicals that cause the connector between the right and left hemispheres to become highly conductive. Because each hemisphere houses different information and performs different functions, hypnosis allows you to gain access to all the power of your mind, instead of the usual small portion.

Thousands around the globe use hypnosis. Athletes use hypnosis to enhance sports performance. Executives use it to tap into higher-level strategic thinking and problem solving. Surgeons use it as an anesthetic for surgery and alleviating medical conditions like IBS, asthma, allergies and migraines. Hypnotherapists use it to decrease depression, anxiety and insomnia. Hypnosis can be used to address so many issues because it allows us to tap into the full power of our minds and the healing power of our bodies—this has been tested in thousands of studies and repeatedly proven to be more effective than many pharmaceuticals or traditional methods.

Many people wonder if they can by hypnotized. The truth is that we’ve all been in hypnosis. It’s the mind’s natural learning state, and we shift into that state constantly. A hypnotist merely guides a client into hypnosis to help tap into the power of the whole brain to understand and trance-form into a healthier person. It is an incredibly powerful tool, which many people have not yet tried.

Lisa Zaccheo, MA, BCH, BCI is the owner, lead hypnotist and hypnosis instructor at Mind Matters Hypnosis Centers in Avon, Guilford and North Branford. For more information, or to schedule a lecture, workshop, appointment, or training call Mind Matters Hypnosis Center at 860-693-6448 or visit



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