Summer Programs at Two Coyotes Wilderness School

Natural Awakenings (NA) learned of an innovative new educational program that includes summer programs for children at Two Coyotes Wilderness School (TCWS) in West Granby. In an interview with School Executive Director Justin Pegnataro, here’s what NA learned.

NA: What is the school’s philosophy of education and summary of offerings?

TCWS: Two Coyotes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing healthy, whole human beings through building self-awareness, community, and connecting people to nature. Founded in 2000, Two Coyotes has always used wilderness survival, wildlife tracking and naturalist skills as tools that help us to better understand ourselves and our place in the world.

NA: How does the staff approach the school’s philosophy?

TCWS: Our staff allows children’s passions to guide the process of learning. Staff are trained in wild edible food identification, scout tracking, wilderness survival, nature games, making forts, building fire without matches, nature art, gratitude, storytelling and much more.

NA: What summer programs are being offered in 2015?

TCWS: Wild Plant Medicine and Food (5-13 year olds), Forts & Shelters (5-13 year olds), Feather, Fur & Fin (5-13 year olds), Advanced Survival (10-14 year olds), Scout Tracker (10-14 year olds), Wildwood Adventurers (5-8 year olds), Fire, Wood & Stone (5-13 year olds).

NA: What happens in fall and winter?

TCWS: The fall/winter programs are quite similar to the summer camp offerings. We offer children and teens homeschool fall and winter programs. We also offer family and adult programs all year.

NA: What do you most want Natural Awakenings’ readers to know about Two Coyotes?

TCWS: Two Coyotes has a vision of helping children form a deep connection to the earth and to their core gifts and purpose. We inspire enthusiasm for learning in creative and invisible ways by utilizing the abundance of child passions as teaching tools. Our programs nurture values such as service, thanksgiving, leadership, self-trust, respect, teamwork, fun and discovery, and it is done in a space that honors elders by appreciating the wisdom and experiences they have to share, where gratitude is an integral component of life, and where the world and people are seen as sacred and beautiful.

Two Coyotes Wilderness School, at Holcomb Farm, 113 Simsbury Rd, West Granby. For more information about year-round programs and summer camps, see or call 203-843-3112.



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