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The temperatures are warming and the sun is shining brighter and longer each day. I have only one word to sum up how I feel: “HURRAY!” There are patches of green grass appearing where, for months, there was only snow. My nursery trays are full of tiny kale, basil and cilantro seedlings. Joyful sprouts, waiting for the ground to warm a bit more.

Spring is a time of change and growth and for me, it’s especially important after the long, cold winter. Many of us were probably inside our warm homes even more than normal these past few months, but now we will be beckoned to venture out more as the weather and scenery improves.

It feels so good to linger outside again (as opposed to running from the car to the building for fear of frostbite). But why does it feel so good? It’s not just that the temps are warmer; it’s something deeper and ultimately comforting.

From ancient philosophers like Aristotle, through more recent American philosophers like Thoreau to modern-day Amazonian Shaman like Yanomami, many have postulated on our need for Nature to be truly healthy and happy. Today, scientists are researching this topic and there’s data coming that quantifies the healthful effects of spending an hour in nature. No surprise, but it’s been proven to be really good for us. Learn more in our feature article, Natures Wisdom.

April brings the Annual World Tai Chi & Qigong Day on the last Saturday of the month. To celebrate, local Qigong and Tai Chi teachers are holding a variety of workshops and ongoing classes. These are ancient Taoist practices for health and wellness, much like Yoga is. To learn more, check out our Event Spotlight and our Calendar of Events to see many more Qigong and Tai Chi workshops scheduled to take place from Colchester to Collinsville, and everywhere in between, in the coming weeks.

In April and early May, there are educational opportunities to learn other energy work and stress-blasting practices like Reiki, Yoga and Reflexology. These include training programs where you can learn to perform or teach these modalities – perhaps enabling a new career or providing life-enhancing experiences for your family and friends. Check these out in our News Briefs and our Calendar of Events.

Wishing us all a beautiful, healthful spring.

Naturally Yours,




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