Shana Griffin, RDN, CD

Joseph Family Markets
46 Kane St, W. Hartford
What is your specialization and why did you choose to work in this area?
I became a Registered Dietitian to raise awareness of health and wellness and because I love to eat and want to show others that eating healthy can be easy (and inexpensive).

What do you find limits an individual’s success when trying to change?
The most common theme I see as a clinician is the customer’s lack of overall motivation, lack of support system, and initial expectations and goals being unrealistic and not measurable.
How do you support your client’s goal to keep their intention?
By truly understanding what is valued or important to the client, in other words, find out what makes the client’s eyes light up. This helps me to identify how to challenge them to take baby steps towards their goals, while always providing positive reinforcement for their achievements.
Instill the saying, “begin every day expecting to be surprised and you will be.”
What ongoing support do you provide to create change and success?
I am accessible to customers at various times throughout the week for questions and am available to set up appointments. I also offer a wide variety of nutrition-focused events both at the store and in the community every week, including a supportive weight management class that provides group support.
When uncertain how to begin, what is your best advice to start new goals?
Remembering that “slow but steady wins the race.” The problem is that it can be hard to unlearn habits developed over a lifetime. Setting small attainable goals equal big outcomes. Don’t beat yourself up when you fall off the bandwagon.




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