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There are many different types of coaches one may engage; personal (life) coach, business coach, or athletic (trainer) coach, and Greater Hartford is blessed to have an abundance of excellent coaches in each of these areas. People may wonder why they need a coach and what they will get as a return on the investment (ROI).

The structure of coaching relationships varies a great deal. Know what you are paying for—they are all different. A life coach may charge a set fee for weekly sessions over the phone and then offer an email follow-up during the week—if you don’t know you have the opportunity to ask questions in between sessions, you may not be realizing the full value. A business coach may charge a set fee for monthly sessions, and then offer numerous check-ins via email or phone to stay on track with goals. A personal trainer may offer advice and training at the gym and then send nutrition and motivational messages between workouts. Each coach has a different structure and level of interaction, but the point here is that the cost can’t be broken down into hours spent directly with the coach because often there are additional contacts or motivational resources the coach provides. This means that you are getting more than a session every week or month – you are getting someone who is in your corner, cheering you on and providing you the accountability to move forward.

One must also consider that the fee a coach charges includes time spent preparing for sessions with clients. There is no “one size fits all” in coaching and clients should expect their coach to be well prepared. Coaching is individualized for the client, which requires prep time and record keeping by the coach in order to best serve each client. A good coach will not provide a cookie cutter approach, but will be there as a co-collaborator for each client’s individual goals, reviewing the action steps needed and progress along the way, assisting with specific roadblocks, and providing the type of motivational support that keeps the client on track to meet goals.

ROI of a Life Coach

Life tends to be tricky. Everyone is dealing with issues involving emotions, finances, and/or relationships. Regardless of your place in life, it is always beneficial to have an objective third party to talk to, to help you move forward.

When someone makes the commitment to seek out a life coach, it is a big step because it means that person is allowing himself/herself to ask for guidance and objectivity to help navigate through the craziness of life.

Many people may question how they can afford to engage a personal coach. A coach will ask “Can you afford not to?” There are many coaches out there, one to fit each person’s needs and financial situation. The balance a coach can bring to life is worth every penny. The increase in personal productivity and awareness along with the personal fulfillment many achieve is priceless.

One research study that supports the effectiveness of life coaching was done by Darcy Luoma for her Master’s thesis at Pepperdine University’s School of Business and Management. Luoma’s study was designed to determine the effect of coaching on overall life satisfaction by implementing a life coaching action research project with former United States Senate interns and then determining whether overall life satisfaction improved over three months of weekly life coaching.

The results showed that those who received coaching increased their life satisfaction and improved their personal growth. Coaching proved to be an effective approach to goal attainment and personal development by teaching clients how to set concrete, measurable goals made up of specific and manageable steps instead of being overwhelmed by large tasks that seemed too daunting or overwhelming to undertake.

ROI of an Athletic Coach or Trainer

The benefit of a personal trainer for any type of routine like weights, yoga, or Pilates, cannot be understated. Life is busy; finding time to work out is never easy. Once at the gym, people tend to rush, they don’t stretch properly, lift with good technique, or maximize time efficiently. At the least it is wasted time, at the worst it results in injury.

A personal trainer is worth every penny spent. They keep people safe, they keep people motivated and they maximize workouts to target specific goals and physical needs. As a person gets older, this becomes more important. Having a guide for how to do things and having a set appointment to ensure it gets done is valuable. Research is backing this up, showing that people who get the best overall results are working with personal trainers.

One such study resulted in a research report titled “Effect of Supervised, Periodized Exercise Training versus Self-Directed Training on Lean Body Mass and other Fitness Variables in Health Club Members.” Researchers set out to confirm whether fitness club members who exercise with a personal trainer obtained superior results compared with self-directed training. The randomized study of men, aged 30-44 years, who were members of a single Southern California fitness club concluded that the men whose training was directed by personal trainers achieved significantly greater improvements in several dimensions of fitness than the members who directed their own training.

ROI of a Business Coach

Like in life, owning or operating a business throws a lot of curve balls. For anyone that is in business, this will surely ring true. Businesses are usually started as a result of passion for something, but most business owners will attest that they are lucky to spend 20% of their time actually building that passion.

In business, there seems to be endless minutia that consumes the time—keeping the books, planning marketing, or dealing with tax, legal and regulatory issues. A business coach is there to guide entrepreneurs through these areas, allowing them to focus more on growing the business and engaging with the passion. In all businesses, money is a concern and cash is king, yet the money spent on a business coach frees a business owner to spend time on the very reason for starting that business–the passion. It gives more time to grow the core business or simply take a minute to catch the breath and rejuvenate.

When a business owner engages with their passions and their clients, it will drive client satisfaction and propel business. Waiting to engage that passion and direct it toward client satisfaction will result in missed opportunities. Because time marches on, those opportunities cannot be fully recaptured.

Invest in Yourself and See the Returns

Engaging a coach, regardless of the area of coaching, should be exciting. The return on investment when measured in terms of an individual’s quality of life and wellness, sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, and in business gains will be there. The investment on coaching is typically paid back in multiples as the power of the changes made compound over time. The return on investment will be easy to see and you may find yourself asking “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Matt Connell, PhD is the owner of Strategic Improvement Associates, a business consulting firm helping businesses of all sizes grow to become profitable and sustainable. To reach Matt, call 860-269-6544.



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