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People often aspire to do better with their diet and exercise, interpersonal relationships or financial security. Even with the best intentions, however, it’s easy to feel as if “getting there” is an insurmountable task. Working with a guide or a coach can be invaluable. There are many experts in the greater Hartford area.

Weight and Health

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Colleen Brunetti ( says her approach to wellbeing is focused on “bio-individuality.” No eating program can meet everyone’s needs because everyone is unique. She says that for those seeking support, it’s helpful to work with a coach who will help reach that personal best—first, by setting personal goals and then by being there for accountability and guidance toward follow through.

Felicia Ricks of Glorious Body in Hartford supports clients in eating a strongly plant-based diet. She encourages clients to take it one day at a time, and to understand that set-backs don’t need to be a deterrence to success. Keeping the ultimate goal in mind helps pull people back on track.

Jean Stender, RN of Living Healthy Weight Loss Center in Unionville coaches dieters who struggle with staying on track. She has them recall how they felt on day one of their weight loss journey. With her guidance, they remember their ultimate goal: “to feel better.” She says it's important to realize that "feeling better" is about "feeling healthy." She helps people develop “a nutritional lifestyle change,” which leads to living healthy.

Dawn Greenfield of Yoga Born in South Windsor supports her clients in therapeutic yoga practices, with a strong sense of community support within the studio. When her clients struggle with follow-through, she reminds them to find joy in whatever they are doing. If it’s just another item on the to-do list, it won’t have as much impact. But if the practice becomes a routine, it will reap the benefits.

Interpersonal Relationships

Perhaps no relationship is as rewarding as the one with a partner or spouse, which is also the relationship that can be most difficult to navigate. A couple may work together to set goals and make progress, but breaks in communication can send them off track.

Jeff Forte of Peak Results Coaching in Glastonbury, author of “The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle,” specializes in urgent conflict and challenge resolutions. He coaches couples to set a compelling vision together. Many set goals like planning for retirement, but setting visions around the dynamic as a couple is less common. Jeff encourages his clients to visualize what they want to come home to—the mood, the connection and the passion. His advice is to create a compelling vision of these things and then work together to establish the connection to provide that.

Robert Caffery of Caffery Counseling for Men in the greater Hartford area has three concrete steps for clients working on goals of better communication. The first is to get clear on a message before speaking it. The second is that once the message is given, make sure it was heard as intended. And finally, if the message was not clear or well received, step three is to return to step one, refine, and try again.

Financial Aspirations

With guidance from a coach or money management professional, anyone can take business or personal finances to the next level by following through on a few key practices.

Matthew Connell of Strategic Improvement Associates in Bloomfield coaches his clients to set both short- and long-term goals, and to check themselves against these goals frequently. He likens financial planning to curriculum building for a teacher—knowing the desired end result in June allows for breaking down every month and every week with the steps needed to get there. Start with the long-term and work on short-term goals to get there.

Michael D’Apice of Canton teaches the financial practice of Money-Mindfulness, an approach that encourages clients to pursue financial goals in light of the whole person. This recognizes that there is a connection between financial, mental, physical, spiritual and relationship health. As he puts it, “The secret of evolving from a condition of lack into a state of abundance is to steward life’s income and assets with heightened discernment…Increased awareness and wisdom will create abundance… A lifetime sown with wise choices yields a bountiful harvest.”

Heightened discernment and increased awareness—is this not the foundation of all self-improvement and growth? If you’re ready to follow through on your life goals, our local professionals are ready and waiting to help you create 2015 as your best year yet.

Learn more about these and other practitioners in Greater Hartford ready to support your change on the following pages.



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