Personal Fulfillment Sometimes Requires a New Path

How do you define fulfillment in a career? Many people are happy to climb the corporate ladder. Some are fulfilled by income, benefits, opportunities to travel, or the ability to work from home. For most, feeling a sense of fulfillment through work involves following a path that holds purpose and often provides some sort of contribution to others or the world as a whole.

Lisa Zaccheo is a professional who has experience looking for happiness and fulfillment in her career. Today she is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Instructor, and Speaker and the owner of Mind Matters Hypnosis Center. In the past she worked in corporate America, but found that she was lacking that sense of making a valuable contribution and was not on her intended path.

After deciding to seek training in hypnosis, albeit as a fairly skeptical and questioning student, Zaccheo found new direction.

“The more I questioned, the more my life-long questions got answered,” states Zaccheo. “And when I experienced hypnosis for myself I was blown away by its power. I’ve been happily exploring the wonders of hypnosis ever since.”

Fast forward through 10 years of private practice and thousands of clients, Zaccheo has refined her skills and has been trained to train others by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the oldest and largest governing body of hypnotists in the country.

“The NGH has outlined an outstanding curriculum, which I've enriched with all that I've learned through study and experience,” Zaccheo says, adding that she feels inspired to help others pursue a career path in hypnosis. “It’s important that more people learn and apply hypnosis—it’s an incredibly powerful tool.”
Erin Colby was a student of Zaccheo’s, finding her own fulfillment through helping clients through hypnosis.

“I help my clients get to the root of the issue for faster results,” says Colby, who now owns Combating the Chaos. She adds that she feels she’s “a magnet for those in need,” which gives her a great sense of purpose.

Orli Katz of Jewish Hypnosis was also trained by Zaccheo.

“Initially, I had no desire to open up my own practice; I simply wanted to possess this incredible knowledge for its own sake and perhaps use it to benefit my family,” states Katz, but after helping her five-year-old daughter release her fear of bees, Katz vowed to use her knowledge to help others. “This changed my life and it’s changing the lives of others.”

Zaccheo recognizes that many people are already truly fulfilled and have no need for change, but there are those who are working a job that is not their true calling. For anyone who is feeling that there is more, that there is another path, Zaccheo asks “Why live the rest of your life unfulfilled when you don’t have to?”

“What if you could clear all the layers of emotional gunk, let your gifts shine, access your true happiness and then help others do the same? I feel eternally grateful that I have found my calling and am excited to share my passion and knowledge with others,” Zaccheo says.

Lisa Zaccheo’s next training session begins March 28th. She has trained more than 60 students in hypnosis over the last 6 years. She is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Instructor, and Speaker and is the owner of Mind Matters Hypnosis Center with locations in Avon, North Branford and Guilford. For more information, visit or call 860-693-6448.



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