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If you are like many, winter may be feeling a little long. There has not been much snow (as of this writing), but it has certainly been cold. The holiday charm and festivity is behind us, but hopefully, your New Year’s Intention (remember, intention – not resolution) remains alive. As we highlight this month in Natural Awakenings, keeping your new intention doesn’t mean having to excel or do something perfectly every moment. Instead, in the depths of a New England winter, there may be times when it seems difficult to continue self-care, think differently or act in new ways—this is perfectly normal.

By allowing yourself grace and gentle sways in your creation of something new, only then will you find success. To help support you in your new intention, we have spoken with a few local experts in health, finance, counseling and life coaching to inspire you to keep your momentum flowing. See what they have to say in the article “Secrets to Follow-Through Success”. One key message is to avoid the belief that you must be successful every day! In fact, a few reminders of old patterns help us reset and keep going forward. If you are someone that likes having a holiday to create inspiration and change, take a look at the number of different cultures and religions celebrating a holiday throughout our standard 12-month calendar. At almost any point, you can celebrate and honor another tradition, reestablish your intention and even learn a little something new about that culture. The Chinese New Year is on February 19 this year. Give it a try.

If you find your physical body still in recovery from a season of festivity, see what Dr. Connell-Giammatteo prescribes in her article “The Connection between Digestive Health and Chronic Pain”. By following these guidelines to support a healthy digestive system, you will probably reduce pain and inflammation and then be in great health to follow through with your personal changes all year long.

February also brings our thoughts to relationships and recognition of St. Valentine’s Day. Perhaps one of the best gifts we can provide to ourselves and loved ones is a continued promise for not only self-care but a ‘cultivation’ of continued care within the relationship. The feature article “Happily Ever After” shares creative and caring ideas for continued nurturing of your relationship.

While winter surely has its challenges, I continue to allow myself time, patience and hopefulness for change. I am a slow learner when it comes to honoring the season’s demand to go at a slower pace and turn inward, yet I keep trying. I’ve finished a book (as promised last month), I’m cooking warmer, richer foods and I’m practicing patience and slower routines each day knowing that come spring, I will only be healthier, stronger and happier for this purposeful intention now.

Be Kind to Yourself,




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