Chris Borda, HFI, CSCS

Y.E.S. Fitness
292 Spielman Hwy, Burlington
(860) 673-4293 -
What is your specialization and why did you choose to work in this area?
I recognized a need to change the perceived, inevitable decline of individuals middle-aged and older. I specialize in designing fitness programs for men and women aged 40-plus to reverse the effects of aging.
What do you find most gets in the way of an individual's follow-through and success with change or healing therapy? (for example, Is it the "inner-critic"?, self-sabotage? Initial goals or expectations too large?)
Every individual has a different level of commitment and readiness for change. Each level, from low to high, must be treated differently. I help clients understand their level and take one step at a time, focusing on small objectives that are introduced one by one.
How do you support your client's goal to keep their personal intention and create lasting change?
Support starts with proper goal setting, defining realistic expectations, monitoring progress and accountability management. Through established monitoring strategies and follow-up meetings the client learns to troubleshoot challenges for lasting changes. We run contests and challenges to keep clients motivated and engaged.
Research shows that individuals keep their personal goals when they have a support system in place. What do you offer to provide the care and support necessary for an individual to experience change?
New habits are not likely to be “normal.” Through continuing education and support that includes daily follow-up, developing social support networks, and celebrating client success the client adjusts to the “new normal.”
Many individuals reading this may feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin in setting a personal goal. What is your best advice to bring self-compassion and patience?
Our Y.E.S. Fitness environment is friendly and non-intimidating. We understand the difficulty in starting an exercise program. When setting your goals, don’t just set an outcome goal like, “I want to lose 15 pounds.” Determine why that is important to you. Connecting an emotional tie to the goal will help ensure success.




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