Stephen Karpenko, DC AcCP

The Center for Natural Wellness
18 School Street #3, Glastonbury
166 Albany Turnpike #10, Canton
860-693-0255 -
What is your specialization and why did you choose to work in this area?
I am a chiropractor and clinical acupuncturist with a specialty in Applied Kinesiology. I chose to work in these fields based solely on finding ways to improve my own back issues. Being passionate and driven, I was always open to try new techniques and continually further my knowledge of how the human machine works. The more knowledge I gained, the more my patients benefitted!
Tell us about your practice and specialty and which patients should see you.
I address symptoms of pain and discomfort with a holistic approach. I see what’s lurking beyond the obvious symptoms with a healthcare philosophy that combines both Eastern and the Western practices. Any person who does not feel “well” will most likely discover a new direction at my practice.
What keeps patients from trying an integrative or functional health approach?
We tend to gravitate towards what is safe. And by safe, I mean familiar. Stepping out of comfort zones requires a certain amount of risk. With so much stress placed on us by our society and ways of life, that extremely beneficial risk is often pushed aside to avoid further stress that’s associated with trying something new.
What do your patients remark upon most after their first visit? What keeps someone returning?
Most patients will not only feel a positive shift in their symptoms, but the knowledge of their condition along with supportive techniques will be taught to further prevent issues from occurring in the future.
What is your level of support for health insurance and claims?
We accept Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield



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