Lisa Zaccheo, MA, BCH, BCI

Mind Matters Hypnosis Centers
Avon, Guilford, North Branford
860-693-6448 -
What is your specialization and why did you choose to work in this area?
I specialize in hpnosis and other subconscious tools and techniques, including EFT, TAT, NLP and others. I can’t say that I chose to work in the field; I would say that it was chosen for me through divine intervention.
What do you find most gets in the way of an individual's follow-through and success with change or healing therapy?
Fear, fear and more fear. Typically the fear of not being good enough manifesting in one way or the other. Most of think we’re the only ones that feel that way, when in truth there’s a rare one who doesn’t.
How do you support your client's goal to keep their personal intention and create lasting change?
I support my client’s goal by helping them systematically find and remove every single block that’s in the way of their success. Once the blocks are gone, they will naturally head in the direction of their intentions one step at a time.
Research shows that individuals keep their personal goals when they have a support system in place. What do you offer to provide the care and support necessary for an individual to experience change?
I help my clients realize that they have powerful inner support (their subconscious minds) 24/7. Once they realize that and learn how to connect, they receive more help from this inner resource than they can from any external one.
Many individuals reading this may feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin in setting a personal goal. What is your best advice to bring self-compassion and patience?
Your first personal goal should be the one with the most joy attached to it, the one that you want the most, not the one you “should” accomplish. I’m happy to help you winnow down and land on that one goal.

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