Patty Midwood, Certified Wellness Consultant

Alternative Health, Inc.
625 New Park Ave, Unit B, West Hartford
What is your specialization and why did you choose to work in this area?
I am a certified wellness consultant. I started as a client of Alternative Health on a structured wellness program and lost 50 pounds of body fat in five months. It was a perfect fit for me to become an employee of Alternative Health and help others achieve their health goals.
What do you find most gets in the way of an individual's follow-through and success with change or healing therapy?
We tell all our clients in their initial consultation “if you follow the program as we lay it out for you, it will work.” Sabotage happens when a client’s family members do not understand the program and try to encourage the client to eat or drink something that is not allowed.
How do you support your client's goal to keep their personal intention and create lasting change?
We are all about lifestyle change. So we are available to our clients just about around the clock. They can call us multiple times a day if needed and we see them on a weekly basis for a well check and detoxifying service.
Research shows that individuals keep their personal goals when they have a support system in place. What do you offer to provide the care and support necessary for an individual to experience change?
We support our clients by calling them daily while on a wellness program to answer their questions and assist them with their food choices and supplementation. Also, they can call a cell phone if unable to reach a staff member in the offices.
Many individuals reading this may feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin in setting a personal goal. What is your best advice to bring self-compassion and patience?
If you are ready to make a lifestyle change and want to improve your health, call and schedule a 90-minute consultation to find out how we can help you. I know our programs work because I have lived it, and am still living it.

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