Letter From the Editor

Dear Reader,

January invites us to realign with ourselves; to return to what is important to our personal growth, our hopes and our intentions. It is a time when we are invited by the season to take a pause and look inward. What is our calling? What are we being invited to attend to within ourselves and our homes?

In the past, I have been wary of resolutions. They have felt like another requirement after the bustle of the holidays. To be honest, by the time January came around, I didn’t feel I could do much more than breathe and read a book (which is still a worthy goal!). But it occurred to me, what if I started to think of resolutions differently? What if my single resolution is to take the time to care deeply and differently for myself?

No matter what your intention may be, is there a way that you can begin to nurture yourself with loving kindness, so that the change can last? The January article on Make Difficult but Lasting Change in the New Year will inspire you during this thoughtful time of year. We have highlighted many professionals—doctors, therapists and coaches—in the Greater Hartford area that personally know about making difficult changes. They have shared some supportive words to help you on your journey.

I encourage you to take a moment to learn about these local professionals and the experiences and insights they offer. Check out their individual profiles and consider partnering with one of these caring individuals to bring long-term success to your thoughtful resolution.

Stay warm, my friends. I look forward to meeting with you again.

Happy New Year,




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