Are You Managing Your Back Pain or Just “Managing”?

Maintaining a healthy back and core is more than the basis of good posture, it is the foundation of feeling healthy. Back and neck pain can be more than physically limiting, it is emotionally draining and can lead to anxiety and depression. Chronic and non-specific back pain is the number one referral for physical therapy. Luckily, it has been shown that following some simple steps can help manage the spine and core and reduce risk of back injury.

Lift right. When lifting or carrying objects, keep the weight close to the hips, or split the load to each hand to further reduce back pressure. When standing, stagger the feet and take a wider stance to reduce low back pressure. If sitting, keep the feet flat on the ground with knees approximately one inch higher than hips for proper posture and reduced strain.

Sleep tight. Avoiding stomach sleeping. Sleeping on the back or side using a pillow between or beneath the knees will reduce back stress.

Following these tips and regularly meeting with a massage or physical therapist can reduce soft tissue tightness and imbalances, further decreasing chances for back pain in the future.

Shawn Tuthill MSPT, CSCS is the director of Apple Rehabs Sport and Spa located at 51 East Main St, Avon. For more information, contact 860 404 2461 or


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