Connecting the Dots: Metabolic Syndrome

“Almost a third of Americans have Fatty Liver Disease and a recent report by ‘Trust for America's Health’ indicates that a third of Americans are also obese,” according to Dr. Robynne Chutkan, Medical Director at Digestive Center for Women. She adds that there are no surprises in this overlap, although the causes are becoming much better understood.

According to Chutkan, “leaky gut” is at the center of an epidemic. Leaky gut is the widening of junctions allowing viruses, whole food, bacteria and other toxins to pass through the intestinal wall. Once these things enter body through the intestinal wall, the immune system is triggered. Over time, this produces chronic inflammation.

“Leaky gut is just one symptom of Metabolic Syndrome,” states Chutkan. “Others include Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure and other ailments. If the immune system and liver are both overwhelmed, fat cells are created to imprison these toxic invaders, which leads to Fatty Liver Disease.”

Dr. Chutkan and others agree that sugar, antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs and chronic stress contribute to the rise in leaky gut. Chutkan advises her patients to avoid high carb diets, especially sugar and processed foods. Instead, she says, increase fiber and protein intake while maintaining good gut health and keeping candida in check.

Brendan Gaughran is the president of LiverMedic, a producer of liver cell regenerator supplements. For more information, call 800-387-2278 or visit


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