Break the Barriers That Hold You Back

Access Consciousness® is a unique set of tools and processes aimed at breaking barriers in life that hold us back (difficult relationships, job stress, money woes, etc.). Whitney Christina, certified facilitator of Access®, empowers clients to know what they know, with the facilitator providing questions that the client uses to access internal truths. It isn’t so much about what the brain knows, as it is what the soul knows. Those are the things that will allow clients to break through blocks and step into their power, creating the life they were meant to shine in.

In addition to the cognitive breakthroughs, Whitney facilitates the client in physical breakthroughs. Our bodies have been with us through all of life’s experiences, and it holds those experiences within. When creating breakthrough, things that hold a person back must be released physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

A series of questions and verbal processing with Whitney gets clients in touch with who they innately are and spurs them forward to create change. Clients create massive shifts in their world, from health to wealth to sense of self. Once they start choosing to live life for THEMSELVES, their whole world changes for and with them.

Whitney Christina, certified facilitator of Access Consciousness®, sees clients at Energetic BEing Center 8, Station Street, Simsbury. For more information or to begin your next breakthrough, contact Whitney at 860-830-1180 or visit



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