Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

Healing with Sound, Energy and Technology

by Bradford Tilden

Vedic scripture speaks of four Yugas, or grand cycles, each with a duration of 432,000 years. We are currently in the Kali Yuga, which began around 3102 BCE. The Kali Yuga is a Dark Age characterized by discord and degeneration. Our orbit through this cycle is elliptical, just like every orbit. We have been at the apogee—the darkest phase—of this huge cycle, but we are starting to round the curve toward the light, toward a galactic summer where the vibrations of cosmic radiation become stronger and the level of energy increases, affecting everything from planets to protons.

Interestingly enough, our solar system is also passing through the photon belt—a high-frequency band of electromagnetic energy that was first discovered by satellite-born instrument in 1961. The Earth passes through the Photon Belt twice every 26,000 years and the increase in energy affects the material world and our consciousness. Basically, what is happening outside us is also happening at the cellular and quantum levels.


Imagine walking along in the airport with a steady pace and you come upon one of those flat, Jetson-like accelerated walkways. If you continue walking with your steady pace onto the ramp, your body experiences a moment of disorientation as it catches up to the relative speed of the ramp. Once it does, you continue walking your pace at the accelerated speed but it doesn’t feel like you are walking any faster. That is because your body, at the molecular level, has adjusted to the new speed.

What if your body didn’t make the appropriate adjustment? Maybe you weren’t paying attention, or the ramp was moving faster than you anticipated. What if you didn’t realize the ramp was there? Or didn’t realize you were actually moving faster? In all instances, your body eventually acclimated to the new speed. Consider Earth, the planet we live on, as similar to one of those ramps. These days, we need to have constant awareness and allow for our bodies to readjust, ensuring we remain balanced and grounded, lest we stumble and fall.

In his best-selling book, Medical Medium, Anthony William uses the term “mystery illnesses” to describe a growing category of modern ailments that defy western medical understanding. Some examples are fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and Crohn’s disease, not to mention Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer and AIDS. Allergies and sensitivities to gluten, peanuts and EMFs, detergents and fabric softeners are also on the rise.

Fibromyalgia, for example, was first identified in 1904 in a paper written by British neurologist Sir William Gowers. Presently, approximately one in 50 Americans is estimated to have fibromyalgia, or between 3 and 6 million people in the U.S., according to the America College of Rheumatology. Why the steady rise in instances of this and the other mystery illnesses? Certainly environmental pollutants and toxins are a factor, as is diet and genetic disposition. But western medicine is largely at a loss to uncover, define and diagnose the root causes of all of these ailments, and is only able to provide alleviation or management of symptoms. People are seeking other options. Perhaps the emergence of such challenges is related to the rising frequencies of energy to which we are now being exposed. What if these are in fact indivual bodies struggling to adjust to the higher vibrations?

What is a Vibration?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary has defined vibration as a rapid motion of the particles of an elastic body or substance back and forth (as when a stretched chord produces a musical tone or molecules in the air transmit sounds to the ear) or a trembling motion or a feeling or impression that someone or something gives off—usually used in plural, as in good vibrations. Some synonyms for vibration are jiggling, oscillation, quivering, shuddering and twitching. These are also common massage techniques, so massage therapy can and should be considered a vibrational healing technique.

Using vibration to heal is very common in the animal kingdom. Whenever an animal experiences trauma, it finds a quiet place and relieves the trauma by shaking, trembling, shuddering and twitching so it may release the cellular memory of the trauma and return to balance. These releases occur through a phenomenon known as sympathetic vibration, or sympathetic resonance.

Sympathetic resonance is a key factor in vibrational healing. This phenomenon can be observed when a G string on a violin is plucked and a G string on a neighboring guitar starts to vibrate. This happens because the vibrations, the sound waves, from the violin are the same size as the ones the guitar can produce. This is precisely what occurs when one experiences a cathartic release. The right amount of pressure on the knot—or listening to a piece of music, or a smell, for example—can unlock and release the blocked emotions locked in the cells. Emotion, after all, is energy in motion.

Despite the diversity of vibrational healing types and techniques, they all operate along a few basic principles. Most of these principles can be understood with the study of wave dynamics. The behavior of ocean waves provides a great illustration. If two waves of equal energy meet at their high points, the result is a peak twice the size of the individual waves. If they both meet at their low points, the result is a trough twice as deep as their low points. If they meet where one is at this high point and the other at the low point, the result is a flat surface. They cancel each other out. This is called phase cancellation.

Phase cancellation technology is being used along high-speed motorways in Germany. Microphones pick up the sound of traffic and a sound processer inverts the waveforms. Then speakers broadcast that sound back out and the effect is silence. No need for walls of wood for sound barriers. Phase cancellation can nullify pain if the right frequency is known.


Google dictionary defines frequency as either: the rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time or in a given sample; or the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light), usually measured per second.

When two waveform frequencies are identical, amplification begins to occur. If the violin string is bowed continuously, the guitar string would vibrate with more intensity. To shatter a wine glass is to discern its resonant pitch and generate a sound with that same pitch, increasing the volume until the vibration of the glass reaches critical capacity and shatters. This concept is being exploited in the medical field. Ultrasonic frequencies are being used now to rupture and destroy abnormally shaped cancer cells, while the integrity of healthy walls can withstand the vibration, according to a study published on The same vibrational technology has been in place to non-invasively break down kidney and gallstones for years.

Sound affects matter at the molecular, physical and physiological levels. The study of this, called cymatics, was first investigated by the Swiss scientist Hans Jenny. He discovered that sound organizes matter into geometric shapes and patterns, especially pure simple tones like sine waves. The sounds of a dial tone or of a television before an emergency broadcast test are examples of sine waves. Crystal bowls, for example, produce simple sound waves that are very similar to sine waves, which is why they have a hypnotic, focusing, grounding effect.


Entrainment is another key concept in vibrational healing. Entrainment occurs when vibrating bodies adapt to a dominant vibration. With entrainment, you can slow the brainwaves down to the delta state. Sound waves and brainwaves are measured in cycles per second. This unit of measurement is called Herz (Hz). “A” 440 is a specific frequency of sound (pitch) that vibrates at 440 cycles per second. 4-8 Hz is the frequency of the Delta Brainwave state of deep meditation/trance induction where deep healing and regeneration occur. A stereo sound healing technology called binaural beats entrains the brain to slow down to a desired frequency by “fooling” it into hearing frequencies at 4-8 Hz. is the leading producer of sound healing music with this technology.

Just like the spectrum of sound frequencies, crystals and gemstones have varying frequencies that individually or collectively align with more subtle levels of the body-energy matrix and interact in the same way. A classic example of amplification here is the Rose Quartz/Heart Chakra pairing. The average frequency of the Heart Chakra is very similar to the frequency of Rose Quartz. When a Rose Quartz is placed on the Heart Chakra, the Heart Chakra is strengthened because of the natural effect of amplification.

Taking these basic concepts and examples of how vibrational healing works on different levels into consideration, you may now be able to more readily discern what vibrational healing modalities work for you and why. Listen to your body. If you feel you resonate with something, anything, explore that connection. On a very elemental and real level, your energies are compatible.

Everything in existence has a vibration. Therefore, everything can be viewed as a potential source of imbalance or a potential tool for vibrational healing.

Bradford W. Tilden, MM, CMT is an internationally recognized composer, Sound Healer and Universal White Time Gemstone Healing Teacher. Connect at, and check out some of his original binaural beat sound healing music at See listing, page 5.

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