Therapeutic Gemstones Heal Family Karma

Therapeutic Gemstones Heal Family Karma

Rebalance and Release with Gentle Support

by Isabelle Morton

Many of us experience experience an upsurge of family karma during and after holiday gatherings. One simple yet effective tool for dealing with family karma is gemstone therapy, which can help balance and release accumulations of karma to allow for new understanding and healing.

Wearing gemstones can reduce a person’s vulnerability to karmic patterns, which is especially helpful at family gatherings. All healing gemstones have a grounding and uplifting effect, and are also nourishing. A person with a well-nourished aura is easier to be around. They are less likely to instigate or be the victim of uncomfortable behaviors among family members.


Gemstones also naturally raise vibrations. When vibrations rise, unwanted energies are released, and healing occurs. The light within you—and your family—brightens. Look for this inherent light in others, and enjoy the blessing of family in your life. The challenges they may bestow are the bedrock of growth and healing.

Therapeutic gemstones may be worn as necklaces and bracelets. Necklaces address the whole person. To help heal family karma, one side of the body is typically more involved than the other, so bracelets are ideal.

We tend to inherit specific issues and conditions from one side of the family. Either our mother and her ancestors or our father and his parents and grandparents have passed down certain karmic traits. Wearing bracelets (or a necklace wrapped around the wrist) allows us to address the karma that often rides upon maternal and paternal lines of ancestry. By focusing on one side of the family history at a time, we can address traits picked up as children, become more aware of why we’ve taken them on and work to resolve them.

Green and Pink Tourmaline are two gemstones that vitalize the masculine and feminine energies respectively. By working with these gemstones, often one side of the body relates to the paternal lineage and the other to the maternal. In Gemstone Therapy, the right half usually corresponds with the masculine and the left half to the feminine.

It becomes a simple formula of choosing which side to address based on the issues that need attention. Wearing gemstones on the right wrist can help a person work through issues tied into the paternal lineage, while bracelets on the left focus their energies on the maternal side of the family. It can also be useful to switch sides and wear as many different therapeutic gemstone bracelets as the body calls for. Each additional bracelet a person wears makes the gemstones’ work more specific.

Before putting on a gemstone bracelet, a person should think about why they want to wear gemstones. What issues or conditions need to be addressed? Once they know what they want to work on, it will become clearer which bracelets their body calls for.

Gemstone bracelets to consider for addressing family karma issues include: opalite/golden beryl to help stay in the now and keep the past in the past; a formula called “Loving Me”, which consists of rhodochrosite, peach moonstone and marble, to help break up unwanted patterns and habitual responses; the “HeartSong” formula, consisting of morganite, white beryl and rhodonite, to provide the emotional strength to deal with the karma; and rhodonite/pink tourmaline to build a foundation of emotional strength to face any situation with grace.

After selecting a bracelet, the next step is to decide which wrist to wear it on. Simply ask yourself, “Which side do I feel like wearing it on?” This alone can reveal the ancestral source of the condition.

While one parent may be primarily responsible for an undesirable behavior, the other parent usually allowed or enabled it. For this reason, we can often learn lessons and receive insights by wearing bracelets on either wrist. Most of the time when we reflect on a certain trait and then think about our parents, the source isn’t hard to pinpoint. If any uncertainty exists, it helps to wear the bracelets on one wrist for a while and then on the other.

This also works for positive inheritances. We can intentionally wear a bracelet on one side or the other to remind ourselves to strengthen or be aware of a positive trait we have inherited or would like to inherit. Therapeutic bracelets can also help strengthen family connections and set boundaries.

Wearing gemstone bracelets offers other benefits as well. The natural swinging movement of braceleted arms when walking brings the gemstone energies to one’s legs and lower back, vitalizing the root and sacral chakras as well as the abdomen, including the reproductive organs, intestines and urinary bladder. Moreover, as one’s arms move throughout the day, the gemstone energies are able to actively clear congestion and clouds of sluggish energies that may be present in the aura.

Isabelle Morton is a leader in alternative health who specializes in teaching Diamond and Gemstone Therapy and finding therapeutic-quality diamonds and gemstones for discerning customers. GEM Formulas is located in Manchester and offers healing products, retreats, online classes and distance healing sessions. See ad, page 6.

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