Vibrational Healing Profile: The Ed Reiki & Sound Therapy Training Center

Vibrational Healing Profile: The Ed Reiki & Sound Therapy Training Center


264 Main St, Manchester
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How would you summarize your business or services?
The Ed Cleveland Center offers training and services in four levels of Usui Reiki, The Kotodama of Reiki, Gemstone Singing Bowls (levels I & II) and Holographic Sound Healing and Therapy.

What inspired your work?
While teaching karate, I found the rhythm in all things and it made sense. I always loved the way sounds and vibrations influenced my life, my health and the world.

How long have you been practicing?
I started my practice in 1983 when I learned that the body could create an abundance of energy as well as calmness while practicing karate. It brought me clarity and focus and offered accelerated healing.

What training and/or certifications do you have?
I am a Reiki Master, with certification as Master/Teacher in Holographic Sound Healing in the Angelic Realms, a Medicinal Aromatherapist, and have completed advanced shamanic studies in cross-cultural shamanism. I’ve completed studies with Mitch Nur, PhD, including: Advanced Gong Camp, Singing Bowls of the Himalayas, The Science of Sound and more.

What is your particular specialty or niche?
In addition to my teaching, I have a passion to collect unique and extraordinary instruments from around the world. I am honored to offer these with my advanced skills and training to create a personalized soundscape.

What can a client expect when working with you?
One can expect to hear and feel the harmonics and overtones from the soundscape, while feeling the transformational energies it creates. An experience that few have been able to put into words.


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