Having and Keeping the Life We Want

Having and Keeping the Life We Want

Seeding the Field of Manifestation

by Tanya Murphy

If we are all endowed with the same potential or creative life force, why is it that some are able to harness that energy? Why are others, no matter how creative they are, unable to make their dreams come true? Or, if they do reach their goal, why do they struggle to sustain it or, even worse, sabotage it?

Quantum physicists discovered that molecules, which are made up of atoms, are bundles of energy and consist of nearly empty space. They have revealed that the distance between one atom and the next is quite vast. They theorize that the distance between the nucleus and electrons of the atom are proportionally greater than the distance between our planet and the sun.


If we were to remove the space between the particles of the atom and condensed them, they would indeed be minute. So what is the space between the parts of the atom? It has been called many things, such as the void, the quantum field or even spirit.

Some say our thoughts become things. The architect who builds the mighty skyscraper must first imagine the plans, the combinations of metal and stone, and the feeling within the space to be created. The entire building begins first as a mental picture. If we are seeding the quantum field with our mental pictures, then how can we create the life we want?

There is a psycho-spiritual technology available to us all but we need to use it. By following these simple steps, we can be on our way to creating the life we have imagined.

Begin with End in Mind
Get a clear mental picture and decide the feeling we want on an ongoing basis throughout the process of achieving that goal. “The feeling is the prayer,” said Gregg Braden, renowned author and speaker. Write it down and collage it. Writing it makes it real to the subconscious mind. Our words become the mind’s mental marching orders. Collaging sends messages to the subconscious mind as well and helps it stoke the feeling that the goal is already accomplished.

Take Action
Begin taking steps towards the goal and stay in action. Make a focus wheel and/or a goals list. Energize that focus wheel with words that describe feelings while moving towards those goals. Also, remember that complexity is a smokescreen and is the enemy of execution.

Make Course Corrections
When we find ourselves missing the mark, see it as simply an education rather than a mistake. Thomas Edison made thousands of prototypes and conducted endless experiments before he ever discovered the light bulb. He learned from every one of his mistakes. Look at how he transformed life as we know it, simply by learning from his mistakes and letting nothing between him and his goals.

Make Failure a Best Friend
When we stumble, know that it is simply an opportunity to grow. Conflict is growth trying to happen. Mental, emotional and physical blocks are doorways to the greatest successes. Find a trusted friend, therapist or coach to help discover the link to the block that comes from a limiting belief from the past. Journaling, inner-child work and Imago relationship therapy are some ways to safely revise and reframe old and blocking thought patterns.

Turning on our inner light gives others permission to shine theirs. In order to ensure our desires are for our greater good and that of our loved ones, ask whether what we want will last forever, will it take from another and what purpose does it serve.

“Matter is spirit made manifest.” ~Deepak Chopra

Tanya Murphy, MA, COC, is a spiritual life coach. She created The Heart’s Desire Method, a series of techniques to develop and carry out strategies and plans for creating positive change. She is offering an immersive 2-day retreat in Fairfield County in February. Connect at, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Instagram @Heart’s Desire Method and Facebook @HD-Method.

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