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In May, our attention naturally turns to our mothers. As we approach Mother’s Day, it’s great to know that we’re all being a little more thoughtful and thankful for all the mothers around us. Parenting is no easy task for either parent, but in my experience, the moms I’ve observed create much of the glue that holds our families and our homes together.

As a father, I know that sometimes I haven’t always appreciated all that extra vision and focus that the moms contribute every day. They create large and small family memories and bring together the extended family and friends. They also tend to ensure that everybody is taken care of—from doctor’s appointments to homework assignments. I know fathers help too, but moms always seem to go that extra mile even when they’re bone weary and ready to crash.

In honor of all the moms and all women out there, this month’s issue celebrates women as leaders, starting with the moms at home and their impact on the world. Our May Healing Ways article, “Heart-based Leadership,” explores many ways that women in the U.S. are leading change today.

And it all starts with nurturing of our children, so it’s very fitting that this month’s feature article, “Natural Motherhood, Creating the Best Start for New Life,” shares tips on how to prepare for motherhood in the most natural, healthy way possible, creating the best start for both mother and child.

Greater Hartford has many natural pregnancy specialists working in fertility, pre-natal, delivery and post-partum care. We have profiled five area specialists for all stages of motherhood. If you’re beginning your journey toward motherhood and want to approach the experience in the most natural way possible, reach out to these local experts for support.

Now that we’ve had the April showers, I’m looking forward to the May flowers. See you in June!

Naturally Yours,


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