Local Massage Expert


Kelly Su Lim, LMT, CLT

West Hartford, CT

How would you summarize your business or services?

I have nearly two decades of medical massage experience and specialize in lymphatic drainage therapy. I work with many patients after orthopedic or aesthetic plastic surgery. Other clients include cancer survivors living with lymphedema, and those with conditions such as chronic fatigue, Lyme disease and inflammatory issues.

What inspired your work in massage?

I wanted to make a difference in my corner of the world, one body at a time.

What are your areas of specialty and training?

I graduated with honors from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 1998 and became a Vodder-certified lymphedema therapist in 2009.

What can a client expect from your sessions?

Relief from pain, swelling and scarring, facilitated healing, improved restorative sleep, supported detoxification and immune function.

What's most important for readers to know about you?

My lymphatic massage work is light, soothing and effective, providing tangible benefits for everyone who wants to stay healthy.



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