Local Massage Expert


Todd Motyl, LMT

Journey of Yoga, LLC
730 Hopmeadow St
Simsbury, CT 06070

How would you summarize your business or services?

At JOY, we help create a holistic environment conducive to healing with various massage techniques such as myofascial release, acupressure and deep tissue along with Reiki.

What inspired your work in therapeutic massage?

I found I had an intuitive touch in helping people in moments of pain or high stress. It compelled me to follow this path.

What are your areas of specialty and training?

My schooling covered a range of modalities from Swedish to Sports Massage to Acupressure. Combined with my body awareness from yoga along with my Reiki training, I find areas of tension and blockages in the body. People remark on my uncanny knack to quickly zero in on their place of pain.

What can a client expect from your sessions?

They can expect a clean, professional and friendly environment with soft lighting, plants and essential oils to help them feel at ease.

What's most important for readers to know about you?

I love my job. I get to see the long-term impact on people's lives. I will always do my best to meet your needs and ensure that by the time you leave, you feel you had an authentic, nurturing and holistic experience.


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