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A positive difference in hunger, cravings and energy levels when gluten is eliminated indicates a condition of gluten intolerance. –  Fiona McCulloch, Naturopathic Doctor

Food. It’s in everything we eat. The fuel for our body forms much of our biochemistry. But not all fuel is created equal. Many times, the real food is adulterated with other substances, which are commonly added during farming, processing and even cooking.

I don’t know a single person that doesn’t struggle to make healthy food choices every day. Looking at myself, I know very clearly what I should and should not be eating (and drinking.) The rub is that knowing doesn’t seem to make it any easier to make the right choices every time. And boy, making the wrong choices too often can have a huge impact on health and happiness.

This month we dive into one area that has been gaining attention among health professionals – food sensitivity and intolerance. Whether food sensitivities are affecting more people or whether medical practitioners are now recognizing them more often is not certain. But there is growing acceptance that food issues can affect our overall physical, mental and emotional health.

A condition called leaky gut has been getting a lot of attention in recent years as a leading suspect of food sensitivity. Experts don’t yet agree on the cause, but it seems to be due to certain chemicals (such as pesticides) or perhaps other compounds in the food we eat that the body doesn’t like. With leaky gut, the body’s immune response is triggered when food particles “leak” past the intestine, which sets off a chain reaction of possible symptoms.

If you suffer from recurring symptoms that include upset stomach, pour digestion, low energy, headaches and even strong food cravings, you may be experiencing one or more food sensitivities or intolerances. If so be sure to check out “Fearless Eating” and “Eliminate Three Common Food Sensitivities” to learn more along with how and where to get help. Each month in Natural Awakenings, there are many local naturopathic doctors, clinical nutritionists, registered dieticians and other integrative health professionals who can help.

As we head into spring, it’s a fantastic time to begin adjusting your diet and activities. In the Ayurvedic system of health, spring heralds the Kapha season. According the ancient wisdom, there are things we can do to prepare for the change in the season – from what we eat to our daily routines. If you’re interested in delving into Ayurveda and the Doshas that govern our bodies, check out any of the upcoming workshops and retreats scheduled at Yoga Center of Collinsville, Journey of Yoga in Simsbury or any other neighborhood yoga studio offering programs on Ayurveda.

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