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"Awakening one community at a time…..Naturally!"DSC_7 Our mission at Natural Awakenings Healthy Living Magazine is to provide our readers with a comprehensive resource devoted to improving personal as well as planetary well being. Each issue of Natural Awakenings contains the latest insight and cutting edge information on natural health, fitness and nutrition, personal growth, green living, creative expression, and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.

Our goal at Natural Awakenings is to draw together the holistic community within every area we publish, to celebrate the knowledge, gifts, and experiences which connect each of us and make us all part of the whole.

About the Magazine

Healthy living entrepreneur Sharon Bruckman established Natural Awakenings magazine in 1994 in Naples, Florida, in response to her local holistic health community's need for an effective way to share information and connect with people searching for alternative therapies. Success of the original Naples/Ft. Myers edition was immediate.

captureTwo years later, an avid reader convinced her to launch a second edition in Sarasota, Florida. Its destiny was to become the prototype for an unprecedented franchise network of like-minded people who value what this magazine brings to their communities.

In 1999 Bruckman formed Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation to support the growing network of publishers. Today, franchise owners publish more than 50 local editions with new magazines being added each year. Currently, magazines are being published in cities and regions of the country as diverse as Miami, Atlanta, Phoenix, Portland and Sante Fe. There are fourteen in Florida alone. In each market, thousands of free copies are circulated at hundreds of public distribution points.

"The wellness revolution I saw emerging years ago is now in full swing," says Bruckman. "It's propelled by the kind of people who read our magazines and website. Our job is to keep our finger on the pulse of cutting-edge advances and keep readers apprised of the best healthy-life choices available."

Natural Awakenings offers a synergy that other national publications just can't match, with both a national and local focus seamlessly integrated into each issue. It's a free monthly publication dedicated to providing insights and information to improve the quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We present special features, interviews with national figures, and guest columns right along with local news briefs, stories, resource directories and a community calendar. Each month brings fresh perspective around a timely theme sure to pique their interest.

You can find our magazine at health food stores, health and education centers, recreation centers, libraries, healing centers, practitioners' offices and wherever free publications are generally seen. Please contact us if you would like copies placed at your business. Natural Awakenings Hartford is on a mission to expand our distribution and make our publication more readily available to our loyal readers.

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Each month Natural Awakenings advertisers and writers provide the tools you need to assist you on your personal path to wellness. We feature articles by national authors as well as from local leaders in the natural health field.

Additionally, we bring you news and events that are happening in our communities and around the globe. We invite you to explore our site.

Health, Fitness, Sustainable Living, Personal Growth, and Creative Expression

dfdfAs one of the largest natural living magazines in the United States, Natural Awakenings has become an indispensable personal resource for people seeking a healthy, natural lifestyle. Our rapidly growing family of more than 75 independently owned magazines brings positive solutions to life's challenges to nearly three million readers each month.  We at the Hartford, CT, region Natural Awakenings are committed to providing services and information to our community to improve your quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Here and in our monthly publication you will find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.


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